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The 97X Tribute Show

Aired Thursday, May 20, 2004 at 11PM EDT

ASS PONYSAstronaut
MEG HENTGESThis Kind of Love
HomebrewGREENHORNESSatisfy My Mind
HomebrewHOMUNCULUSKittens Got Claws
PIXIESWhere Is My Mind?
GUIDED BY VOICESI am a Scientist
DOVESCatch The Sun
OLD 97'sMurder (or a Heart Attack)
ASHWalking Barefoot
AFGHAN WHIGSRebirth of the Cool
CAMPER VAN BEETHOVENTake The Skinheads Bowling
ADRIAN BELEWMen in Helicopters
Future WorldTHE REVOLUTIONARY HYDRAWilliam Wizard Cauliflower
Future WorldTHE BLAMI'm in a Panic
XTCMaking Plans for Nigel
JAYHAWKSSomewhere in Ohio
MR 500DEAD MILKMENBitchin' Camero
MR 500NIRVANASmells Like Teen Spirit
MR 500SMITHSHow Soon Is Now
MR 500SEX PISTOLSAnarchy in the UK
MR 500REMRadio Free Europe

On Jan 28, 2004, one of the most significant events in alternative muzik history occurred... the sale of WOXY-FM. I'm shocked and saddened to hear that the best radio station on the world, and the only commercial FM modern rock station to stay true to its roots for over 20 years, has been sold!

I've personally been listening to 97X online for over 5 years. 97X is a pioneer of this format, and this is such a huge loss I can't even put it in words. There will now be NO commercial stations in the country broadcasting the original modern rock format.

Sincerly, best wishes to the Balogh's and all the 97X staffers. Thanks so much for the last 5 years. I'm still in shock.

Radio XY

Update - 5.4.04:
97X has now announced that they will be going away completely... (they had originally announced that they would be going internet-only)!! That really sucks. :-(

5.14.04 - A Sad Day Indeed
Thousands of modern rock fans are mourning the loss of the world's best radio station, WOXY. 97X signed off at about 12:05 EDT this morning, with the immortal words of the Baker Man, "and finally, goodbye to the future of rock and roll."

The 97X Tribute Show aired last night on Radio XY. Thanks to everyone at 97X for keeping the spirit of alternative music alive for so many years.

Update - 6.17.04:
97X is coming back!! (See for yourself!)

Welcome Back, 97X! :-)

A special thanks to all those 97Xers that have tuned in and enjoyed Radio XY over the past few weeks... it's been a real priviledge to have you here... Today's a great day for the future of the modern rock format.


97X is going subscription-based!!

This year continues to bring shocking surprises in the world of modern rock radio...

Joining the ranks of terrestrial college and community stations, 97X will now be listener supported. Unlike their FM counterparts however, you'll have to pony up $10/month to listen to their medium and high-quality streams.

The difference between 97X and a community-supported FM station, is that it costs substantially more per listener to run an internet radio station... So I guess the jury is out as to whether they are going to be able to recoup enough from donations in order to run the station... (I know from a past campaign that Radio XY would not currently be able to support itself solely on donations...)

The new listener options are very similar to a station like 3wk, which has been internet-only since 1997. Some free low-bandwidth streams, and a monthly fee for the better streams. Some other internet stations kindly ask for donations, but continue to offer all their streams for free (Radio Paradise comes to mind).

Radio XY is one of yet another category of internet stations that are fully funded by their owners. For the moment* I'm lucky enough to have a full-time job and am able to pay the roughly $300/month costs for the amount of listeners Radio XY has. (Note that 97X's costs are MUCH higher because they have more listeners, full-time dj's that need to pay their bills, studios, etc.!)

Just as when 97X announced their FM frequency had been sold, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish them the very best of luck with their new business model, and I hope they will be able to keep doing their thing for many years to come. We're keeping our fingers crossed for you here in California.

With Valentines Day love,


* I may have to ask for donations again in the future. It is an expensive hobby after all... :->


The End of 97X

To quote the staff, "This sucks." :(


97X ... WOXY, Oxford Cincinnati Dayton,

The Future of Rock & Roll. When I found this station back in '98, at first glance I thought I was looking at a mainstream or classic rock station, or at least an unusually diverse one. (Rock & Roll? Isn't that what my dad listens to? ;)) I'd followed a link to it from the message boards of yet another defunct modern rocker... it happened to be 92-5 (XHRM), one of many short-lived San Diego stations. Somebody there had recommended 97X.

It took me several minutes to realize, hey wait a minute, I think there's something special about this station. I started poking around in their playlist and saw much good stuff, as well as a bunch of stuff I hadn't heard before. Hmmm.. worth a try..

Through that year 'BER was still my favorite station, but by '99 I was totally hooked on 97X. How was it possible that such a cool commerical station could exist!?! After all the turmoil of the late 90's and the loss of every other true alternative FM, this was really amazing. And I loved the DJ's, especially Sledge and Shiv. (They were typically on when I was listening, due to my time zone.)

I was especially worried at the end of '99, when there seemed to be almost no commercials... I thought that was signalling the end. I emailed the DJ, I think was Sledge, and he forwarded it to the GM. (I forget who the GM was at the time...) But he replied saying not to worry, it was routine to have the slump after Christmas. And he went into the Balough's philosophy that 97X is obligated to be profitable, not but greedy. Incredible, they were just the most remarkable owners of the late 20th/early 21st century. Truly good people from all I've heard.

I felt reassured then, and we did have many more good years to come.

Reeling in the emotional shock of 2004, I hosted the 97X tribute show. Combined with another personal incident, it made for the worst month of my adult life. :(

Now in 2006, I humbly salute The Future of R & R and all the staff there that have provided such a great service for so many years. To Barb, Mike, Shiv, Bryan J, and the 2 angel investors, good luck with wherever your path takes you next, and godspeed.



These next couple days are your last chance to catch the great programming on woxy vintange and Don't miss out. :(


It's Friday afternoon. I'm sitting at my desk, supposed to be working. But instead I'm staring at my Winamp player, which reads: MC5 - Kick Out The Jams (WO.

This woxy's gone to heaven. 83-06


97X to Return!

From the woxy message boards ---> investor hoping to buy

It's the real deal! Although it's not clear what form woxy 3.0 will take...

Maybe Sledge will come back!! (Wishful thinking?) :)

This is amazing!


97X Update: the broadcast resumes on 10.10.06! (with the caveat from Shiv that the date is not written in stone yet...)


Just announced - woxy 3.0 signs on tomorrow morning at 10:10 EDT!


woxy to leave cincinnati

woxy is moving to austin, and sledge is staying behind, already having had his last show. sniff.


It's hard to fathom, but has shut down once again... with no warning. This time the crew that are the heart and soul of 97X don't have financial control of the station, meaning they may not have a say in whether the station can be resurrected. WVXU-HD2 Cincinatti has already opted to switch to a feed from another out-of-town station, so at the very least the terrestial portion of is lost. But as it currently stands, 97X may be gone for good.

The fact that the fate of the legendary modern rocker is not in the hands of those that produce the on-air content every day is eerily reminiscent of a traditional FM format change. Something that we've seen with many great alternative stations from years past.

Whether or not this is truly the end... I wish to salute the future of rock 'n roll for its awesome 27-year contribution to the world of new wave/alternative/indie music radio. You will be missed.


There's something sorely missing this coming weekend.... :-(                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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