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The Radio XY live stream abruptly ended this week.

The streaming bandwidth/royalty-coverage provider's server software stopped accepting the connection, and I haven't been able to resolve the issue with their customer support. Over the past two years, it's always been a bit shaky, for example showing "OFFLINE" on their site when in fact it was up and running. In any case, my income is so low at the moment that saving the $79/month makes a big difference for me. So I gave up trying to help the upstream provider solve their issue and as of now have moved Radio XY to a Spotify playlist.

It's not the same as a live internet radio stream of course, but I tried to give it the flavor of Radio XY by playing a station id as you click the link, and of course, musically the playlist sounds like the Radio XY you know.

So far I've found about 80% of Radio XY's library on Spotify. I will now work on finding as many of the remaining 20% as I can. It was actually a while ago (years ago) that I found the 80%, so Spotify may have a lot of the missing tracks by now. I'm also looking forward to discovering more new music in the months and years ahead.

Thanks for being a loyal Radio XY listener.



I'm working my way through the Radio XY library. Just finished with the artists that start with "C". I've found many missing tracks so far. Nice!



The missing tracks: I've now completed through artists starting with "G".



The missing tracks: I've now completed combing through the entire Radio XY library. About 95% of it is on Spotify.



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