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My big show on Live 105 has been changed to Sun. Jan. 29th!



It's weird how things happen. Like in '04, when WOXY went off the air I was very upset. But then something positive and totally unexpected came out of it at the same time, as hundreds of 97X listeners started tuning in to Radio XY. So it was kind of a bittersweet/silver lining kind of deal.

The parallel to what's happening right now is amazing. Sure, I still feel a great loss with the cancellation of Live 105's unique electronic music show Subsonic, but then something completely unexpected, and totally fucking awesome came out of it...

In fact, I'd say it's the single most awesome thing to ever happen to me. I'm going to be on the 2nd biggest alternative radio station in the USA!! The Live 105 music director, who I already had perched up in the stratosphere as my biggest hero in life, for all the cool things he does, from running the coolest club in San Francisco to inventing the very radio show that I'm lamenting the loss of now, has asked me to be the very first College DJ of the week. It's happening Sun. Jan. 22nd from 8AM - Noon. Unfortunately they don't have a live stream on the internet, so most of you won't be able to tune in. I just had to share that with you anyway. It's so exciting!!!!




Subsonic Cancelled

My favorite radio show, by far, is suddenly gone, without warning, without goodbye. This is fucking CATASTROPHIC :-(

God damn commercial-powered radio. Does it really have to be this way? Must good things always die, unless they are the type of thing that requires no revenue (like Radio XY, or in a way like KEXP or 97X) ?? I've been through this enough already. Coast 1040 in Vancouver in 1993. 97X (almost) in 2004. Numerous other markets have seen whole stations come and go as well, like the legendary Rev 105 in Minnesota. Other stations simply slipped away and became corporate, like 91X in San Diego, CFNY in Toronto. But things are (were?) looking up, I heard 91X just became independant and may be getting some better programming. Here in the SF bay area Live 105 has been getting a lot better in the last few years. But then, over the new year's break, several corporate alternative stations started dropping like flies. Was it seriously Howard Stern holding them together? Most of them probably sucked anyway, like our own Clear Channel 104.9 here in San Jose.

But now this too! They got rid of Subsonic, and also some other good shows as well. And earlier this week, I already noticed the start of the scary changes... to replace Howard they got these slick top 40 guys. And when they finally play music, it may as well be Channel 104.9 II. WTF is going on, I don't want to see the mid-late 90's of commerical radio happen all over again. Not when things were just looking so bright.

Chaos  :(

Maybe Disco Shawn can move the show in-tact to KALX. Yeah right. Sigh.

Fast forward to 2009...


Subsonic is back!!! The best radio show of all time is back... tune in to the bay area's live 105 Saturday nights from Midnight-3AM starting this week.. wooooo I can hardly believe it...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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