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New muzik from Car Seat Headrest, Sloan, The Wombats, Franz Ferdinand, and Ash!

See the complete lineup of new muzik.

The Chaos Top 50 of 2017


Thanks to Radio XY listener Steve for pointing out that the What's Playing link was not working. It's been out since the hard drive crash. Fixed now. He also sent in a donation along with his note. Thanks so much Steve!

And 4.11.16 thanks as well to Bob, who has been listening to the station for 15 years(!), for the heads up that the What's Playing link is down yet again. Thanks Bob, fixed now!


Eyes wide shut, walking in a zombie world...

Hard Drive Crash II

On Sep 30th at 8:35AM California time our hard drive crashed.

Luckily we had decent backups this time.

Radio XY now accepting donations

Running a medium-sized internet station like Radio XY has some raw costs that can't be avoided. (Thanks to StreamGuys for keeping prices as low as possible, while at the same time providing high-quality bandwidth and unparalled service!)

Normally I prefer to pay all the station expenses myself, but the time has once again come to ask for your help. The last time I had to do this was in 2005, after an extended period "between jobs". I now find myself in the same situation.

Any help you could offer would be gratefully accepted! [Donate]


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What's Playing?

Two ways to find out what's playing right now on Radio XY...
  1. You can pop up a little window that automatically updates when the song changes. (Use the window that you get when clicking Listen.)
  2. Get the last half dozen or so songs played, on a regular web page. (Link in the upper-right corner of this page.)

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